Morning Oral

Sometimes you like to fight if I try to lick you first thing in the morning. But the waves of pleasure from your pussy wash over and subdue you. I love to lick you into submission and then hear you moan my name as I make you come for me… and then again inside you, and then again.

Come for Me


“Come for me,” I whispered. But she needed no encouragement as she felt the hardening deep inside her, carving the space inside her, inscribing her and pounding her clit with every deepening thrust, thrusting to the hilt. She called out my name as she came. For the seventh time. Or was it… ? She lost count. It did not matter. All that mattered afterwards was the comfort of that sacred embrace.

Ripping off Your Ugly Panties


“You look ravishing as always but for those horrendous panties.” And reaching over with unnecessary violence I ripped them off so they lay in tatters at her feet. “Better,” I growled. She was startled and aroused all the more. “So much better naked.” My hands were upon her now. “How ravishing!” And like the wild cat she was, she took well to being ravished.

Christmas Present

On Christmas day, a year after we married, I woke up to the sound of music from the other room and saw a handwritten note on the bedside table. “Your present is on the chaise longue by the mirror. I’m sorry I couldn’t wrap it so it’s tied up with ribbon”. And there she was. I took her in my arms, carried her to the bedroom, warmed her body with my hands and lips, slowly releasing the ties and did her. It was the best Christmas present ever