The Waiting Is Over

When you’ve been waiting for this moment and it finally arrives. He has come to ravish you and you feel his thrust in one full movement. The intensity is more than you bargained for. You feel thoroughly taken. After all the waiting, the pleasure is so unexpected. You surrendered to him four and a half years ago and you surrender to him again as he fills you. That he is faithful and loves you above all else makes you know you made the right choice. And there is nothing and nobody you want more. He gives you what is his and he takes what is his and you are his.

Unexpected Pleasure

The surprise of the unexpected takes you to the edge, and sweetest of all is unexpected pleasure. All you can do is fall, let go of all desire for control, and fall over that edge, fall continuously and keep falling. The waves of ecstasy will catch you far down below. But keep falling. Keep letting the unexpected tickle you senseless.