Whatever Master Wants

Your master does what he needs;
His greatest need is needing you.

Your master does what he wants;
His greatest want is wanting you.

Your master does what he pleases;
His greatest pleasure is pleasing you.

Your master is love’s servant;
His greatest service is serving you.

A good master loves to hear
Your need and want and pleasure.
Hide nothing from him and have faith
That what he does is for your best.

Charm him with submissive voice
“Master, please forgive me.
Punish me as you see fit.
I get what I deserve.”
And surrender yourself fully:
“Whatever Master wants.”

Morning Oral

Sometimes you like to fight if I try to lick you first thing in the morning. But the waves of pleasure from your pussy wash over and subdue you. I love to lick you into submission and then hear you moan my name as I make you come for me… and then again inside you, and then again.